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These are samples of postacards that we have designed for the the artists we've exhibited and represent.

If you would like further information, e-mail us at admin@creativehandsartstudio.com or call Gallery Director Debra Petitti at: 908.604.0773.

Featured Artist: Marko Spalatin
September 22 ~ November 10, 2001

Works by Marko Spalatin are included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Brooklyn Museum, New York City; the Musee d'Art Moderne and the Bibliotheque National, Paris; and the Tate Gallery, London. Born in Zagreb, Croatia, he lives in Wisconsin.
Featured Artist: Neil Paulino

November 17 ~ Febuary 2, 2002

Work by award-winning New Jersey artist Neil Paulino has been shown in galleries
and museums throughout the Northeast. Noted for his personal photographic realism, Paulino's unique, lyrical paintings balance the light and form found in everyday life, while his alabaster and marble sculptures compliment this vision through abstarct forms.

Featured Artist: Bashkim Ameti

Febuary 9 ~ March 30, 2002

Work by Summit artist Bashkim Ameti has been shown in galleries and museums primarily in Europe. One of the foremost painters in his native Albania, Bashkim's canvases, powerfully lyrical and dreamlike, lend themselves to deeply personal yet universal themes of love, isolation, healing and forgiveness.
This unique vision should not be missed.

Featured Artist: Frankie Brackley Tolman

April 6 ~ May 25, 2002

One of the new breed of watercolorists who are pushing the medium in a new direction, Tolman's paintings feature bold, semi-abstracted landscapes and buildings that celebrate the joy of life. The artist lives, paints, and teaches watercolor in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire.

June 22 ~ August 25, 2002

Our summer group show highlights the work of three emergent artists exploring more abstract means of expression. The show will be rotating late July with different works by the same artists.

postcard design: Sabine Haeupl

September 14 ~ November 2, 2002

Dannielle Mick
- pastel paintings

Steven Blank - watercolors

Eugene Quinn - oil paintings

postcard design: Sabine Haeupl

November 9 ~ January 11, 2003

Flynn-Lawson's multi-layered acrylic paintings hover between landscape and topographical map, creating beautiful color-infused works that capture the sense of a universe coming into being, of life in the process of transformation.

postcard design: Sabine Haeupl

January 18 ~ March 8, 2003

Eustace's mixed-media works in encaustic
with multi-layers embeddened imagry combined with hand-forged steel likens one to Medieval illuminated manuscripts and icons, centered around the Passion of Christ and The Apocalypse. The works strive to become a visual appoximation of the experience of awe, drive mystery and terrible beauty.

postcard design: Sabine Haeupl

March 15 ~ May 10, 2003

"Settings and Rituals"
Drawing and Painting in the Allegorical Tradition Through Figure, Landscape, and Still-Life


postcard design: Sabine Haeupl

May 17 ~ July 12, 2003

"Spiritual Jazz"
Williams, Madison artist and distinquished
NJ printmaker, unveils her recent bold one-of-a
-kind "paintings" with the woodblock, influenced by music of John Coltrane.


postcard design: Sabine Haeupl

July 19 ~ Sept. 5, 2003

"Summer Show"
Various Artists:

Bryn Schwartz - mixed media
Katie Truk - sculptures
Marko Spalatin - serigraphs
David Young V- oils/drawings
Sabine Haeupl - polaroid transfer
Dannielle Mick - pastels
Debra Petitti - oils
Anu Schwartz - works on pape

Postcard design: Sabine Haeupl

Sept. 13 ~ Sept. 20, 2003

"Art for Charity"
Federico Castelluccio - featuring limited edition giclee prints

Kids Art for Charity - large collaborative paintings by Creative Hands students aged 5 through teen, based on well-known works by famous artists.
Silent auction with proceeds to benefit both local and worldwide children's charities.


Postcard design: Sabine Haeupl

Sept. 27 - Nov. 15, 2003

Summit artist Bashkim Ameti returns to the gallery to show his most recent oil paintings. Ameti's lyrical and dreamlike canvases delve into the visual mythologies of his native Albania, lending themselves to deeply personal yet universal themes of love, isolation, healing and forgiveness.
Katina Ansen debuts in our back gallery with several of her ethereal and abstract oils.

Postcard Design: Sabine Haeupl

September 11th to November 6th, 2004

The Atelier Gallery presents work by Sabine Haeupl & Priscilla Petitti.

Haeupl has a blend of serene pastel landscapes, captured photographic morning breezes and fruit and vegetable vinets inspirational to any food lover.

Petitti exhibits photographs of urban Italian geometric details we're sure you overlooked during your last visit in Europe.

Creative Hands are Helping Hands
Junior Art Show
January 15-February 26, 2005
100% of proceeds go to the Tsunami relief
Creative Hands' students have made original black, white and grey pieces with the theme being pears.

Opening Reception: Sataturday, January 29 from 3-5pm at the ATELIER.

Please join us in sharing our humanity and the blessings of our good fortunes.


Adult Program Showcase
March 7-April 23, 2005

Showcase of our prodigiously productive Adult program.
Come experience paintings & drawings guided by Nancy Shand's expert eyes.
Or the exquisite clay conceptions created under the assistance of Ivan Bratgo & Christy Segale.
See how we arouse the inner creative spirit.


May 15th Madison Art Tour
May 14- June 11, 2005

Abstract Paintings by Debra Petitti and
Wire & Pantyhose Sculptures by Katie Truk

Children's Composite Show
All proceeds go to Sarcoma Cancer
June 18 - August 28, 2005

Artists: Students of Creative Hands Art Studio

Sorry we no longer send out postcards for every show. Please contact us for upcoming shows~ 908.604.0773

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