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The Atelier

Located at 14 Kings Road in Madison, the Atelier was originally founded to house the Atelier Gallery and the Atelier Art Studio.

In French, "Atelier" (ah-tell-yea) means an artist's workshop or studio, and that's exactly what our Kings Road space provides - a place where both children and adults, under the guidance of professional artists, can work together in experiencing the skills and joys of creating art.

In addition, the Atelier Gallery provides inspiration by featuring works by professional emerging artists, our students' works, and instructors' work. A sampling of our past exhibits and the artists we have represented can be seen in Works by Artists.

Stop by and visit! For directions and hours, see Contact Us. If you have any questions, call us at 908.604.0773 or e-mail us at: admin@creativehandsartstudio.com

Art Is Good For The Heart!
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